Learn More About X-ray Inspection

In the newest episode of X-ray University, Dr. Bill Cardoso dives into the crucial elements that guarantee the safety and security of our state-of-the-art machines. Join us as we explore the essential components for optimal machine performance and protection.

Hello. Welcome to another episode of X Ray University. Today we’re going to address another question we get asked quite often, which is, is it safe to operate an x ray machine now instead of going over PowerPoint presentations and drawings and things like that? I thought I should just take you guys to the back to our manufacturing area and actually show you exactly how we make sure your x ray system is safe.

If you just ask, is radiation safe? Well, we are surrounded by natural causes of radiation. right and x ray radiation is by itself not safe. Right. So what do we do is we make sure that all the radiation is inside the cabinet so nothing is leaking out of the cabinet to the operator. So what if we go to the outer manufacturing area?

As I said before, safety is crucial. So to make sure there’s no extra photons escaping from the cabinet, this is one of our TruView™ primes. As you can see here what do we do? We shield layered steel, lead and steel so that there’s no absolutely no way that actually photons escape. There’s no leakage from the cabinet.

We layer lead between two layers of steel just to make sure that the user, the operator is not touching land because the layers of material, that’s why we always do steel, flat steel. The other critical safety measure that we use is a dual interlock on each and every door or access point to the machine. So for example, the prime has this door in front of the cabinet, another critical measure of safety for the system are the interlocks.

So in the prime, the front door has two independent interlocks that open the circuit to the x ray source. So any time user opens the door, the x ray sources automatically turned off. We also have a switch in an emergency key so that the operator can at any point just turn off the x ray generation inside the cabin.

Lastly, the windows on this machine are made with the special glass. It’s called lead Impregnated glass. Very expensive, very heavy – should not be confused with Plexiglas you buy at Home Depot. This is special shielded glass from which the military photons get out of the cabinet. So I hope with this video we’re able to address some of the questions you have about safety of x ray machines.

So with proper shielding and again, the more power you have when you actually saw some more shielding, you have to put more lab, you got to add to the size of the cabinet. We talked about interlocks and how critical they are for any part of the machine that opens and closes. They have to be interlocked in. The interlock has to be redundant.

So if one fails just to have the other one. We also talked about Let glass and how important it is to make sure that any transparent window into the x ray cabinet is properly shielded. So there’s no leakage coming out of those areas. But anyway, give us a call or put here in the comments and further questions or anything else you want to know about x ray inspection, x ray machines.

I’ll see you next time. Thank you.

Dr. Bill Cardoso – Founder and CEO of Creative Electron.