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🎉Join us for the 20th episode special of X-ray University, featuring Turtle’s Hoard! We’ll go over the interesting concepts of fluorescence, where certain materials emit visible light after absorbing radiation.

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0:10 Welcome to another x-ray diversity video

0:12 today we’re going to have a really cool

0:14 collaboration with our friends at

0:17 turtles or angry Turtles uh

0:21 what they do is they sell minerals

0:23 crystals from rocks that are super cool

0:25 you can fabricate them and you can uh

0:27 customize them to jewelry and everything

0:30 you know all the other cool stuff we can

0:31 do with this stuff anyway fluoresence is

0:35 one of the coolest things in nature

0:37 right fluoresence happens when a photon

0:40 when uh when a so when a photon visible

0:43 or invisible Photon hits a material and

0:47 causes one of those electrons inside the

0:49 material to bounce to a different shell

0:51 and in the process of doing that it

0:53 emits an X-ray photon at a different

0:56 wavelength and we use this all the time

0:59 in our x-ray machines because that’s

1:01 exactly the material in our x-ray

1:05 sensors right so the X-ray sensor is

1:08 nothing but a fluorescence layer that

1:12 gets x-ray

1:13 photons uh and well basically the shadow

1:16 that your sample projects onto the

1:18 sensor and behind that we have uh uh a

1:24 camera just like the one in your iPhone

1:26 very similar to the one in your iPhone

1:27 we have that camera that looks at that

1:30 fluoresence shadow and takes that into

1:34 an image that ends up uh showing up on

1:37 your computer super cool process so uh

1:40 you know as you can

1:41 see we can light uh this uh and the guys

1:47 Tim sent us some uh UV pens that super

1:50 cool so as you can see we can light

1:52 those uh crystals those materials those

1:55 minerals and they flues the question is

1:58 will they also flues and how will they

2:01 flues under the X-ray light under x-ray

2:04 machines that’s exactly we’re going to

2:06 do today we’re going to put all these

2:09 minerals inside our x-ray machine uh

2:13 we’re going to turn on the X-ray and

2:14 then we’re going to show you how they

2:17 flues if they flues with x-ray photons

2:20 okay so let’s check it

2:28 out so now that the minerals are all

2:31 inside the X-ray machine we can turn it

2:33 on and see well we can actually see an

2:36 x-ray image of the minerals right and

2:39 from inside the machine you can see them

2:41 going to flues uh at different

2:44 wavelengths uh which is a function of

2:46 the material itself right so we have

2:49 x-ray photons now at 130 KV uh and as

2:54 you see as we move the materials and

2:57 move the minerals from stage to stage

2:59 they only flues when x-ray photons are

3:03 hitting directly that specific mineral

3:06 right so as we move the stage from left

3:09 to right they’re going to shine up and

3:11 then they’re going to get dark again

3:12 because they only emit they only flues

3:16 when they have light hitting them right

3:19 as soon as that source of energy is over

3:23 the material goes back to relaxation

3:25 State that’s not going to be emitting

3:27 visible photons that you see they look

3:29 beautiful under the X-ray now there are

3:32 materials that are always edting uh

3:35 light right because they’re decaying so

3:37 they are radio uh nuclear materials that

3:41 going to be decaying but that’s a whole

3:42 different conversation slightly more

3:44 dangerous not something we can handle in

3:47 this environment so I hope you enjoyed

3:50 this video I hope you had fun uh if you

3:52 have any other questions or crazy things

3:54 like the guys at uh Angry Turtles and

3:57 all the the cool stuff they do uh s us

4:00 we love to play with x-rays and show you

4:01 how things work from the inside don’t

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4:06 I’ll talk to you guys soon bye