Technical Education: Fuel for the Future

TCI continues to provide outstanding technical education and career training.

Technical Education: Fuel for the Future

Creative Electron continues our support of the Technology Career Institute (TCI) at Mira Costa College. TCI continues to provide outstanding technical education and career training to adult learners, particularly those seeking a career change.  As described on their website, “TCI provides job training in the fields of advanced manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, security, veterinary science and professional skills training.”

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Creatives Dorrell Davis and Raymond Barrett (Both TCI grads) visit with cohort 23

New career opportunities

For years now, Creative Electron has participated in a variety of programs in support of TCI including regularly providing shadowing opportunities and internships to students from each cohort, as well as providing an X-ray inspection system for their engineering lab. Our CEO, Dr. Bill Cardoso, has long been on the college’s foundation board.  Many of TCI’s graduates have launched their new careers with us.  “While the technical training students receive is excellent, we’ve been particularly impressed with TCI’s emphasis on coaching the soft skills,” said Creative Electron’s Mariam Ortiz.  How impressed? “About a third of our current staff completed training at TCI,” said Ms. Ortiz.

Support this program

‘Turns out, it’s it pretty expensive to provide top notch technical training.  At a cost of about seven thousand dollars per students to attend the four-month program, but for grants and other support, TCI would be out of reach for many trainees.  Many students who attend Mira Costa’s TCI are able to do so because of a variety of funding sources that cover all or part of their tuition.  When Creative Electron learned that one of their primary funding sources would no longer be providing scholarships, Dr. Cardoso and his team decided to create a scholarship that would help fill the gap.  We hope others will support this truly fantastic, local gem.  Helping Mira Costa’s TCI grow, ultimately helps us all grow.

October 7, 2022

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