Learn More About X-ray Inspection


Welcome to our latest X-ray University post where we delve into the world of X-ray inspection and its crucial role in ensuring the quality and safety of injection molded parts. In today’s manufacturing landscape, where precision and reliability are paramount, X-ray machines play a pivotal role in identifying porosity and cracks that may go unnoticed by the naked eye.

Diverse Injection Molded Parts Injection molding produces a wide range of objects, from common items to those used in critical industries. While some items may not need X-ray inspection, others require a closer look to guarantee product integrity and user safety.

Mandatory X-ray Inspection for Critical Industries Certain industries, such as medical, automotive, military, and aerospace, demand strict quality standards. For components in these sectors, X-ray inspection isn’t just recommended – it’s a mandatory step. This ensures early detection of issues like high porosity that could lead to cracks, preventing potential damage or catastrophic events.

In summary, X-ray inspection is an essential tool for manufacturers aiming for top-notch quality control. Whether you’re creating everyday items or components for critical industries, understanding the significance of X-ray inspection is vital for product reliability and safety.

Welcome to X-ray University. Today, we’re going to be talking about using X-ray machines to find porosity and to find cracks in injected, molded plastic parts. So there’s a wide range of objects and things. We use injection molding from glue guns to, you know, joysticks for video games. And those objects, you don’t necessarily need to do an x-ray inspection to find for porosity because, you know, even if you have some porosity, it’s unlikely they’re going to create an issue to the end user.

There’s also more and more people using 3D parts like this one’s all over the place and they’re getting more and more common. But the need and the level of inspection that we need for those guys. We’re going to be talking about in another video today, it’s all about injection molded parts. And if you’re doing something for medical devices or automotive or military or aerospace, those parts require x-ray inspection to make sure that the level of porosity inside those parts is not high enough.

That would create a crack over time. There would create damage that can result in a catastrophic event. So for these guys, x-ray inspection is not only recommended but required. If you need more information about injection molded parts and how to fix them, don’t forget to go to our website at And don’t forget to subscribe.