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To Engineer or to Reverse Engineer: that is the question! In this episode of X-Ray University, we delve into the applications of CT (computed tomography) in engineering and reverse engineering. Explore with Dr. Bill Cardoso how CT enables precise analysis, defect detection, and sample recreation.

Our featured episode focuses on a customer who bought one of our CT systems for a captivating reverse engineering project. They customized a top-of-the-line bicycle hub to suit their requirements, utilizing CT inspections to seamlessly integrate CT and step files into SolidWorks for design adjustments. This is how Computed tomography can play a vital role in engineering and reverse engineering, opening doors to endless possibilities.

Welcome to another episode of X Ray University. Today we’re going to be talking about computed tomography or CT.

We often talk about CT in the context of figure analysis, defect detection, or we do volume recreation of a sample, try to find voids, cracks or any things of that nature. This is one application to with our very interesting to share with you. This customer bought one of our CT systems with the intent of reverse engineering a sample.

We’re talking about this hub for bicycles, high end bicycles, very expensive bicycles. And this company wanted to basically make this same hub, but with a few modifications. Right? So they wanted a larger flange so the spokes have a more robust place you attached. You know, this customer of ours could have gone and engineered this from scratch. And what they decided to do is to reverse engineering step.

So as you can see, they were able to do a complete CT inspection and output the CT files, a step files. They can be imported into SolidWorks, and then from SolidWorks, they can go ahead, make modifications that we want to do and go directly to manufacturing. So another interesting application for computed tomography. Think about it engineering or reverse engineering.

I’ll see you next time.

Dr. Bill Cardoso – Founder and CEO of Creative Electron.