Learn More About X-ray Inspection


X-ray machines are far more versatile than their traditional association with medical diagnostics. While they are indeed invaluable in the healthcare sector, these machines have found a remarkable array of applications across various industries. From ensuring the quality of incoming components to detecting counterfeits and revolutionizing research and development, X-ray machines have become essential tools for businesses aiming to stay ahead of the curve.

In this brand new video of X-ray University, we’ll explore six and a half ways in which you can harness the power of X-ray machines to enhance your operations and maintain the highest standards of quality control.

  1. Incoming inspection: Check the components you’re receiving using the X-ray machine to ensure they are in the right place and meet the required quality standards.
  2. Counterfeit detection: Use the X-ray machine to identify fake parts from both familiar and new suppliers, especially those acquired since the pandemic.
  3. Inventory Control: Employ X-ray parts counters to accurately count your inventory and verify that the number of components matches your database records.
  4. Research and development: Utilize X-ray technology daily to explore new products and discover emerging technologies in circuit board or medical device manufacturing.
  5. New manufacturing: Regularly employ X-ray inspection to ensure that your manufacturing processes align with your established statistical process control parameters. Detect and address issues such as voids and improper component placement.
  6. Failure analysis: Use your X-ray machine to investigate returned items and conduct a thorough failure analysis. Determine whether issues stem from manufacturing defects or user-related problems.

6½. Marketing and sales: By utilizing X-ray technology for tasks like incoming inspection, counterfeit detection, inventory control, R&D, manufacturing, and automated failure analysis, you can position your company as a leader in utilizing X-ray machines for effective business management.